Prescriptive Selling

F&I Menu Solution for the F&I Department


Darwin was created by a team of F&I software pioneers that brought one of the first and most prominent electronic menus to market. We've combined decades of experience rolling out software to thousands of dealers with the latest in analytic and mobile technology. The result is the most innovative F&I technology to ever hit the market – it's way more than a menu!

Our industry has evolved, our customer has evolved and so the software that helps you run your business must evolve.

We aren't talking about the "future" of F&I - we are delivering in the present. So come see what some of the most respected individuals in our industry refer to as "The best kept secret in F&I"!

Prescriptive Selling

We do more than just automate the interview - we utilize big data and predictive analytics to create the most personalized and effective selling process possible. Our patented technology looks at the overall deal, vehicle and financial situation for each customer to determine the ideal presentation which is proven to increase sales and decrease chargebacks.

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Unlimited Versatility

Traditional Finance Process? Cradle To Grave? Something Unique?

Whether you sell from one, two or four columns – on a tablet, piece of paper or via text message – Darwin can do it all. Our dealerships consistently tell us our technology allows them to do F&I the way they've always wanted.

With Darwin, we now have a new rule…the rule of 400% Every Product, Every Customer, Every Time... EVERYWHERE

Intuitive Interface

We went to great lengths to eliminate as many key strokes as possible in order to help you do your job quickly and efficiently. No more building menus from pre-defined templates or having to manually select each product level on each menu for each customer. With our smart selection technology, tailored presentations are customized with the click of a button. It's so easy that finance managers can typically pick it up in about an hour. Oh yeah…payments match…even on lease deals!

It's about time!

Perfect Process

The most successful finance managers have at least one thing in common - they adhere to a process. Most F&I Menus only facilitate a portion of the overall F&I presentation and ignore one of the most important steps a finance manager can take – needs discovery. With Darwin, the needs of a consumer are paramount in determining how our products and services can best fit those needs. And now needs discovery can happen before they step into your dealership - right from their mobile device if desired.

Custom Sales Tools

Toss the old evidence manuals in the trash and annihilate objections with one click using Darwin's custom tailored sales tools. If you are solely relying on static brochures or generic charts and graphs, you are leaving money on the table. Customers want to know how they personally benefit or stand to be affected by their purchasing decision. With our industry-leading tools your customers will see the value from a third party endorsement, allowing for a more consultative style of selling.

Regardless of what menu you use today, we are confident that we can upgrade your experience. We're the fastest-growing software in the F&I space for a reason and we're excited to show you why!