Dealerships and their service providers can monitor and manage finance and sales department productivity anywhere, anytime. We help you measure… so you can better manage!


Dealership defined profit centers and categories along with specific field configuration allows virtually unlimited reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Relationship Reporting

Every relevant data relationship can be linked and monitored: Finance Managers to Sales Managers, Sales Managers to Sales People, Groups to Districts. The possibilities are unlimited.

Report Scheduling

Choose how and when you want reports. Reports can be automatically delivered to your inbox at your request: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. Your choice.

Click-thru Reports

Discover the data behind the data. Click-thru reporting gives you a thorough, in-depth look at all summarized data with nothing more than the click of your mouse.

DMS Integration

No duplicate entry is required. Full integration is available with major DMS providers. Additionally, DMS data is automatically ‘validated’ against defined business rules to ensure reporting integrity.

Audit Trail

Who entered what and when? To ensure full data integrity, an audit trail of all changes, viewable at any time, is always maintained for every transaction and every data field.