F&I Protection Presentation

For the Finance Office, Service Lane or Remote Customer

It’s too awesome to be called a menu

In less than 5 years Darwin Automotive has become the undisputed leader for F&I presentation software chosen by the largest and most prestigious automotive groups in the country. While it makes sense to use the terminology F&I Menu, we think you will agree that our software is way more than just a menu.

If your dealership is still using the same exact presentation originally created 20 years ago, you owe it to yourself to schedule a demo and see what all the hype is about!


We do more than just automate the interview – we utilize big data and predictive analytics to create the most personalized and effective selling process possible. Our patented technology looks at the overall deal, vehicle and financial situation for each customer to determine the ideal presentation which is proven to increase sales and decrease chargebacks.

big data & predictive analytics

Regardless of what menu you use today, we are confident that we can upgrade your experience. We're the fastest-growing software in the F&I space for a reason and we're excited to show you why!

According to a recent survey conducted by CDK Global ...


of car buyers

indicated they would purchase F&I products after the sale in the service drive.

It's never been easier to open a new revenue stream at your dealership!

With Darwin Service, we will provide the technology and training to sell F&I products to customers that didn't buy them at the time of purchase. It can be used by service advisors, finance managers, or equity specialists to offer valuable vehicle protection to every customer in the lane.

R.O. Integration




SPP Integration




Get Your Customers To

Service Trade or Protect

Dealers should be educating their customers on the value of vehicle protection throughout the ownership life cycle and make it easy for them to purchase the protection when the customer decides it makes sense to do so.

As you can see our F&I selling technology doesn’t just STOP in the finance office. In addition to the service application we can now automate the follow up on previously declined F&I protection and allow the customer to connect directly to your website to purchase at any time!

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