The Natural Evolution of Retailing

Today’s customer craves convenience and will spend more money with the businesses that allow them to transact in the way they want to transact. Digital Retailing is still just retailing, and your online customer is still just a customer. With Darwin’s Digital Retailing you are allowing your customer the option to handle more of the process on-line, putting them in the driver’s seat.

What is an Empowered Automotive Shopping Experience?


To give (someone) the authority or power to do something

With J.D. Power Shop with EASE powered by Darwin Automotive - everyone is Empowered!

Customers are Empowered to shop the way they want and your dealership is Empowered to engage the customer without geographic or technical limitations.

Your customers will be able to start the deal at home and you can pick it up in the store at the exact spot they left off!

With too many features to list below you really have to see it to believe it!

And now any dealership enrolled in the J.D. Power Darwin Digital Retailing solution can utilize the Shop with EASE branding and included marketing video to use to promote on your dealership website!

OEM Programs



Auto Hyper Targeting provides our dealers with in market consumer leads that are over five times more likely to buy a vehicle in the next 30-90 days.


The majority of vehicle buyers are still payment shoppers yet most digital retailing tools don't allow a customer to shop by payment - Ours does!


Our soft-pull solution through 700 credit places soft inquiry on the consumers file, that does not require a consumer's SSN or DOB. Dealers receive live FICO, available revolving credit, recent inquiries + more!

Real Payments

We accurately match payments to any DMS in all 50 states. No more having to explain to your customers why their payment isn't the same as what they saw online.

OEM Incentives

All OEM's and All Incentives.

Rates & Residuals

Every lender and every program, every rebate – every parameter, policy and factor that can influence an automobile lease or retail finance transaction.

Tailored Interview

Integrating the "interview" into your digital retailing solution allows for a personalized presentation resulting in more products accepted.

Driver Needs Analysis

Our trademarked presentation that has revolutionized the in-store F&I menu presentation across the U.S.

Tailored Presentation

The other guys are still presenting generic numbers and products that aren't the best fit for the customer. Our predictive analytics take product presentation to a different level.

Integrated Chat

Connect with your customer in real time via a seamlessly integrated chat option.

Document Upload

Your customers can now upload important deal documents and trade pictures from home.

J.D. Power Values

We include the J.D. Power Trade-In Values with every subscription. We can also plug and play your own solution if preferred.

F&I Sales Tools

We have many tricks and tools to help ensure your F&I profit is maximized when retailing a car online. Third party tools from help explain why F&I protection can be a very valuable option for the consumer.

Predictive Analytics

Not just a buzz word! It's what makes Darwin not just another Digital Retailing platform.

Prescriptive Selling

The ultimate selling method! Prescriptive Selling matches your products and services to individual customers needs. Helps increase sales and reduce buyers remorse.

OEM Accessory Presentation

Increase your total revenue by offering the top 3 accessories analytics say the consumer is most likely to choose.

ILM Integration

Darwin Online will send the deal information to your CRM so your customer can pick up in store where they left off.

Buy Now

For cash deals, customers can now transact 100% of the needed paperwork online.

Integrated Credit

To save your customers even more time, integrate RouteOne, DealerTrack or other leading solutions.


Enables customers to Share Auto Purchase or Lease Deal with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.


Enables customers to sell their used vehicle directly to the dealership without purchasing a new one.


Connected Solutions

Darwin is the only digital retailing company that started with the end in mind.  We are the DMS and F&I specialists that understand how a deal comes together. Presenting your customers a consistent payment and deal structure throughout their purchasing process is paramount when it comes to building credibility and trust.

We can help you WOW your customers . 

“Easiest experience at a dealership ever! I used their FASTLANE option online, picked out my car, filled out all the info, chose the deal I wanted, uploaded pics of my trade and walked in to sign! So glad I did this!”