Darwin Automotive Further Enhances Free COVID-19 Support Package for Auto Dealers

Darwin Automotive Further Enhances Free COVID-19 Support Package for Auto Dealers


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Darwin Automotive today announced major enhancements to its free COVID-19 support package to help auto dealers succeed in current market conditions. The free tools include a secure fully integrated video conferencing platform. Darwin has also partnered with a best-in-class marketing company and is providing every digital retailing customer with a Dynamic Video package that includes the correct messaging for customers at this time. The videos come with a step-by-step marketing plan precisely outlining a success strategy to drive more sales and service appointments using video and the right messaging on the dealer’s website, social media channels, email blasts, and more. These tools are provided free to its existing customers nationwide for the life of their agreement.

“We’ve heard from concerned dealers and OEMs everywhere that some things are looking up and it is time to be prepared to drive in sales and service business. We researched what could be the most help at this time and have added a support package that includes some highly effective video tools. Our integrated secure video allows for virtual sales and F&I with the same ‘eyeball to eyeball’ capabilities you have when the customer is right in front of you. We strongly believe that current conditions will be the norm into the foreseeable future and want to ensure our dealers have real tools that will help,” said Phillip Battista, CEO Darwin Automotive.

Darwin’s free enhanced CVOD-19 Support package includes the following:

First, Darwin Automotive has made a significant strategic investment in a fully integrated secure videoconferencing platform for all Darwin applications. Free access is provided to both existing and new customers for the life of their agreement for the digital retailing platform and the F&I menu.

Customers are required to register with the provider to obtain a secure URL at a nominal monthly fee. This URL can be utilized by multiple people and departments within the dealership. Darwin’s application enables dealers to record transactions and share screens and windows. It also allows customers to present to the dealership, all in a secure encrypted environment.

Second, Darwin has partnered with a best-in-class marketing company and is providing each new and existing Digital Retailing customer with the following free tools:

  • A Dynamic Video package with messaging customized for their dealership

  • A professional step by step marketing and deployment plan that outlines the dealership’s success strategy showing precisely how to use Dynamic Video and correct messaging on their website, social media, in email marketing and through other media channels to drive in sales and service traffic.

“It’s all very well to have the tools, but other than larger dealer groups, most dealers do not have the knowledge or resources to correctly use video to market to their advantage. It is an invaluable tool in the current market and these free tools should save dealers thousands of dollars, which they truly need right now. We will continue to make investments to secure our customers’ future as we come out of this crisis. We are here and stand ready to help,” Battista stated.

Darwin Automotive currently operates in all 50 states with over 5,800 dealerships subscribed to its programs and was recently recognized by Automotive News as a 2019 All-Star in Finance & Insurance. Darwin delivered 504,000 deals on its platform last month and is on track to deliver 6.5 million units for the year.

About Darwin Automotive:

More information is available at https://darwinautomotive.com, or by calling 1-732-781-9010.


Media Contact:
Jeff Stafford
Chief Marketing Officer
Darwin Automotive

p: (908)-222-4020 ext. 224
c: (407)-448-1771




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