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The journey starts online. Why? Because your customers journey starts online! Statistics show that customers are more likely to end up purchasing F&I products if they have the option to learn about them on their own via your website. Darwin's patented digital retailing solution is the first to include real payments with real F&I protection tailored to the customers needs. Darwin Online will let you bridge the online to in-store engagement, creating a frictionless experience leading to more sales. WORKS WITH ALL WEBSITES!


of consumers would be more likely to purchase F&I Products if they had the option to learn about them on their own. Certain customers will not buy major purchases like F&I products without research being done online.


When the customer comes in for delivery we need to ensure the process flows which is why having Darwin for your online retailing solution AND in store delivery system creates the most seamless experience available today. You can "fast pass" the customer directly to Finance where the experience picks up as they expect it to. With Darwin for finance, you can rest assured that your dealership has the best chance of keeping your customer delighted as DMS integration, E-rating and E-contracting expedite the entire F&I process.

F&I Everywhere: In Store / Finance


We realize that not every customer takes every product every time. There are many cases where consumers don't take the F&I product at time of delivery, yet they add it at a later date. Is your dealership setup appropriately to capitalize on these customers? Our service solution pulls from the Repair Order making it easy to open a new revenue stream at your dealership!


of consumers would purchase additional F&I Products after the sale in the Service Department. This number goes up to 76% for millenials! Why not take another swing for those that didn't buy during the vehicle transaction? With Darwin your team can pull RO's and sell valuable F&I products quick and pain free.


It is the ability to educate and sell F&I protection to your customers wherever they choose to engage your dealership. Successful retailers understand the importance of an integrated shopping experience and Darwin Automotive is the only company in the industry capable of delivering that experience. With Omni-Channel F&I your valuable F&I products will be integrated throughout the dealership, both virtual and physical.

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Darwin Automotive is a provider of F&I software for the automotive industry. Darwin's technology is used in products sold by the company and products and services sold and offered by its commercial partners.

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