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COVID-19 Dealer Support Update

To help you overcome this COVID-19 crisis, we are continuing to enhance our COVID-19 support package …

We’ve heard from concerned dealers and OEMs everywhere … and some of the signs are looking up. So now it’s time more than ever to be prepared. I once again want to tell you that we at Darwin are here to help you through this crisis so you can come out stronger.

We’ve added interactive video conferencing to help you wake up your sales!

Automotive retailing has changed for the foreseeable future. Many customers want a personal experience in making such an important investment, but may be hesitant to come in person.

Now, our integrated secure video allows for virtual sales and F&I with the same “eyeball to eyeball” capabilities you have when the customer is right in front of you.

This powerful tool will help you revitalize customer demand.

Here are the details:

1. We’ve made a significant strategic investment to develop fully integrated secure video conferencing for all of our Darwin applications and will provide access to it for free for the life of your agreement with us for both existing and new customers … and for both menu and Digital Retailing.

You just register to obtain a secure URL at a $15 monthly fee for the dealership. Then all of your people and departments can use this video conferencing anytime, anywhere.

Our application includes the ability to record transactions, share screens and windows and allow customers to present to the dealership as well all in a secure encrypted environment.

2. We have partnered with a best in class marketing company to be able to add to every new Digital Retailing customer or existing digital retailing customer the following free tools:

a. Dynamic Video customized for their dealership information outlining.

b. Step by step marketing and deployment plan that outlines your success strategy

If your dealership doesn’t have our Digital Retail solution today, you will continue to get:

1. 50% off the cost of our digital retailing products not just for two months but for the life of your agreement!

2. Zero setup training, integration and installation costs!

3. 1-7 business day installation – we have mobilized two teams of resources to service you when you need it!

I want you all to know we will continue to make investments to secure your future as we come out of this crisis.

Let’s wake up and revitalize your sales! Contact us at or (732) 781-9010

Phillip Battista

Phillip Battista
Chief Executive Officer
Darwin Automotive | 732.781.9010, Option 2 |

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