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Darwin Automotive

To help you overcome this COVID-19 crisis …

We’re all in this together. We’ve survived 9/11 and weathered the Financial Crisis, but this is something else.
We’ve heard from concerned dealers and OEMs everywhere. And I want to tell you that we at Darwin are
here to help you through this crisis so you can come out stronger. We developed this 3-Point Plan to help
you keep your virtual dealership open with full featured digital retailing so you can engage customers and
keep your retail business going.

If your dealership doesn’t have our Digital Retail solution today, you will get:

  1. 50% off the cost of our digital retailing products not just for two months but for the
    life of your agreement!
  2. Zero setup training, integration and installation costs!
  3. 1-7 business day installation – we have mobilized two teams of resources to service you
    when you need it!

Each Digital Retailing Tool includes the following:

  1. 5 digital eforms for the industry’s only true sign and drive functionality
  2. Kelly Blue Book subscription
  3. Personalized F&I products – patented approach
  4. Monthly Incentives subscription
  5. Monthly subscription for rates and residuals with access to all lenders
  6. Personalized vehicle OEM accessories
  7. Deal share capability
  8. Deal maker tool for instant remote deal desking
  9. Full integration into Darwin F&I and Darwin Showroom
  10. Electronic signature for purchase and sales agreement
  11. Electronic signature and registration of F&I products
  12. Ability to purchase an entire cash deal online
  13. Ability to pay for the vehicle or leave a deposit with a credit card, bank wire, bank ach or PayPal
  14. Full online compliance with digital accept decline and Electronic Consumer acceptance forms


Let’s get your dealership selling again. Contact us at or (732) 781-9010

Phillip Battista

Phillip Battista
Chief Executive Officer
Darwin Automotive | 732.781.9010, Option 2 |

We Help Dealers SimpliFI the Customer Experience

One-Third of the new vehicles sold in America will be delivered on the DARWIN Platform

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The perfect blend of speed, transparency and functionality while increasing profitability on your front and back gross. 


Present your valuable F&I protection where and how you want in a way that increases the likelihood of purchase.


Incorporate follow up on previously declined F&I protection while providing the customer the ability to buy from home.

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Darwin Automotive is a software provider for the automotive industry. Darwin’s technology is used in products sold by the company and products and services sold and offered by its commercial partners.

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